Updated guide published on how to become a professionally registered engineer or technician

The latest edition of the Guide to Professional Registration has just been published. A free, comprehensive guide to professional registration and the professional engineering community, the Engineering Council has updated its annual guidance for 2023-2024.

Professional registration identifies an individual as a competent and committed engineering professional, and this guide provides a useful overview of the process of becoming professionally registered and the institutions that can support achieving this internationally recognised mark of quality.

The Guide to Professional Registration is designed to help everyone from school leavers, careers advisors and STEM ambassadors, through to employers and HR professionals, to navigate the organisations and resources available to support and develop engineering talent. Whether searching for the right apprenticeship or university course, applying for a promotion or a new job, or taking on the next big project, professional registration is a framework that supports study, training and career development, demonstrating competence and commitment to ethics and continual improvement.

The first step to professional registration is joining a professional engineering institution (PEI) licensed by the Engineering Council, or a Professional Affiliate (PA) with a registration agreement. To help guide the process of registration and select the right professional body, the Engineering Council’s Guide to Professional Registrationcovers:

  •        how the different engineering organisations work together
  •        what professional registration is:

o   information about each professional registration title

o   benefits for registrants

o   benefits for employers

o   benefits for society

  •         how to become professionally registered
  •         profiles of all licensed professional engineering institutions and professional affiliates, including:

o   their specialisms and missions

o   what professional titles they offer

To download your copy, visit: Pocket Guide to Professional Registration

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