How to Apply for Membership

  • Check Applicability

    Are you working, studying, researching, practicing or managing in engineering or product design?

  • Apply

    Apply by filling in the application form and sending it to us. (You can access the form on the right hand side of this page). This must be submitted with the appropriate application fee plus supporting documentation such as a CV and proof of academic qualifications.

  • Application Examined by IED Staff

    A staff member reviews the application and requests more details if necessary.

  • Membership Committee Assessment

    The application is passed to the Membership Committee for assessment. The Committee is made up of trained volunteer Members who carry out a peer review of the documents submitted. They can at this point request further details.

  • Complete Formalities

    After being offered Membership, you will need to complete engagement form agreeing to abide by the Institution's Code of Conduct, plus pay a completion fee and the first years' subscriptions as stated in the offer letter.

  • Congratulations!

    On receipt of the above, Membership will be confirmed. You will be sent a welcome pack including the latest issue of Engineering Designer and a Membership certificate.