Why become a member?

Membership of the IED is open to all who work in, study, manage, research, teach or practice design. Membership is welcomed at all grades of academic study and levels of expertise. The purpose of the IED is to support our members to achieve their career goals by mentoring and guiding designers to the appropriate grade of professional registration. For more information on the benefits of IED membership, click the below link.

How to become a member/registered professional

Try our process guides on how to apply for just membership or membership and professional registration using the buttons below.  Membership is the first step to professional registration and is a relatively straightforward application and assessment process without the need for an interview.  All applications are still peer reviewed by trained volunteer Members.  Applications for professional registration are more in-depth, require verification of academic qualifications and an interview.  You can apply for both membership and registration at the same time, but we recommend that you apply to become a Member first.  We can then work with you to mentor and guide you to the most appropriate grade of registration for your education, experience and professional competence.