We offer two grades of registration for CAD professionals, at different levels of experience and expertise.  While each grade can be seen as a stepping stone to the next, each grade is also a recognised stage of professional registration in its own right.

Registered CAD Manager - RCADMan

CAD is recognised by the IED as being a design tool and very much part of the designer’s skill set. When applying for membership an applicant can also apply for registration as a Registered CAD Manager. RCADMan has been established for the purpose of registering practising designers, who satisfy the IED Council that through their formation, experience, practices and design work that they are capable of working to the highest standards of competence and excellence. Applicants for RCADMan should have at least five years' design experience and satisfy the requirements for membership of the IED. For RCADMan, an application and professional review report must be submitted, see the link above for more details and click below to start the application.

Registered CAD Practitioner – RCP

The grade of Registered CAD Practitioner is for CAD users/operators who have received professional training and have at least one year’s experience in a CAD role. Entry to this registration grade is based on an assessment of CAD drawings and the skills listed in the standards linked at the top of this page. Please complete and submit an application with three or four CAD drawings. The drawings must be created by you and signed and verified by your first referee, click on the link below to start your application for membership and RCP registration.